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Shelly has a variety of online resources, including yoga video practices for the general population, informative webinars, replays of live presentations and online courses for professionals.

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Shelly is a highly sought after international speaker, educator and presenter for numerous yoga and medical conferences, summits and events related to yoga in healthcare

Book Co-edited/authored by Shelly Prosko

Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain

Shelly Prosko, Neil Pearson and Marlysa Sullivan, co-editors and authors of Yoga and Science in Pain Care, are delighted to bring you this unique and much needed book on an integrative approach to pain rehabilitation that combines pain science, rehabilitation and yoga with evidence-based approaches from many respected contributors. This book demonstrates how to integrate the concepts, philosophies and practices of yoga and pain science in working with people in pain.

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Yoga for Times of Change: Practices and Meditations for Moving Through Stress, Anxiety, Grief and Life’s Transitions. An interview with Nina Zolotow.

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“Simply being with Shelly is inspiring and uplifting. If that isn’t enough, she then starts to unpack her broad body of knowledge and experience with humility, humour, and a deep love and wisdom of her passions, and interests. I feel honoured and grateful to learn from Shelly at the School of Embodied Yoga Therapy”

Kimberly Mantas, C-IAYT, E-RYT

“Shelly Prosko’s online PhysioYoga course is so helpful and impactful to my practice! I love the fact that I have access to the home exercises she taught in her course and can send them to my clients through Embodia.”

Robyn Synnott, PT, Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher Burlington, ON

I am deeply grateful to Shelly Prosko for sharing such a large amount of knowledge, personal clinical experience, and research in her course and still patiently allowing us space for self-exploration.

Marta Hung, Taipei, Taiwan

“This PhysioYoga course was an overwhelmingly positive and entirely worthwhile and very practical experience for me. This will translate into a stronger community of local healthcare providers and resources for people in pain, to help them do as well as they possibly can.”

Ajeya P. Joshi, M.D., Spinal surgeon at South Texas Spinal Clinic

“This was an extraordinary weekend of learning, empowerment and connection and I left feeling energized, motivated and confident that I would be able to immediately put into practice the concepts and skills that I learned this past weekend!”

Mary Rini, OTR , Chesterfield Township, Michigan
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