Private Instruction



Your first PhysioYoga Therapy session will include a complete physical therapy assessment so that an individualized treatment plan can be developed to accurately address your specific needs and goals. The assessment includes an in depth interview and a thorough physical examination from which a diagnosis can be made. The recommended treatment plan will be reviewed and discussed prior to commencing treatment. Your first session will be 1.5 hour in length and will include both assessment and commencement of treatment. The treatment length of your first session will depend on the length of time taken for your assessment. Your goals and individual needs are always addressed.

 1.5 Hour Assessment + Treatment =$220.00

Private Treatment Session

A typical 1.25 hour PYT treatment session may include skilled physical therapy manual techniques combined with active and facilitated therapeutic movement and individualized exercise prescription with a focus on yoga postures, breathing practices, meditations and physical therapy based exercises. Education on Yoga philosophy and lifestyle modifications are included. An essential part of your PYT experience is to inspire and educate, to allow you to witness the power of self healing and to empower you to take an active approach to your rehabilitation or health maintenance program.



1.25 Hour Private Treatment Sessions = $200.00


Online Sessions and Mentoring

Online skype sessions or mentoring sessions are available.

Please contact Shelly if you are interested.

“I so appreciate how authentic and passionate you are. I certainly was reminded of important things that I need to do for myself in order to serve those around me better.” LD Kelowna, BC