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PYT is a type of rehabilitation therapy that combines both evidence-based Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy resulting in a more holistic approach
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A typical one hour PYT treatment session may include skilled physiotherapy manual techniques combined with active and facilitated therapeutic movement.
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Shelly is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist and a Certified Pilates Instructor. She received her Physical Therapy degree at the University of Saskatchewan
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Optimizing Pelvic Floor Health: Where Does Yoga Fit In?

PELVICFLOOR_main1(1)I recently wrote an article that was published in the International Association of Yoga Therapists Winter 2016 Issue of “Yoga Therapy Today” publication titled:

“Optimizing Pelvic Floor Health Through Yoga Therapy.”

The purpose was to review the role that a yoga therapist has in helping people create and optimize their pelvic floor health. The article is also valuable for yoga teachers, health care professionals, or anyone interested in or requiring more knowledge about the pelvic floor.  Pelvic health physical therapists have provided me with positive feedback, stating that the article is an accurate and valuable resource for their clients and also for educating other physical therapists who may want to learn more about the pelvic floor:

“Excellent article. Well written and one of the most accurate I’ve read. So needed.” Diane Lee, PT

In this article, I explain specifically what ‘is’ pelvic health and the pelvic floor, the many roles of the pelvic floor, the numerous factors that influence the healthy functioning of the pelvic floor muscles, and the role that yoga therapists may have in working with people with pelvic floor dysfunctions, with examples of some techniques they may use.  I also discuss what some of the research is saying about yoga and certain pelvic health conditions.

There are 27 citations included in this evidence-informed article.

**Above Photo credit: Raymond Long www.bandhayoga.com

You can find the article here:  “Optimizing Pelvic Floor Health Through Yoga Therapy”

Please also review the 4 min trailer of the videos, “Creating Pelvic Floor Health with PhysioYoga” that I created for you to download that include many of the techniques discussed in the article!

 **This article and video is not meant to diagnose, treat or act as medical advice. Please consult your health care provider for clearance and guidance before following or participating in these activities**


The 6 Stages of Toilet Meditation

toilet meditation

The 6 Stages of Toilet Meditation

Mindfulness practises are gaining popularity and even appear to be quite trendy these days. Perhaps it is because we know, and have experienced, that there is tremendous value in being present and mindful throughout our day.

We talk about mindfulness during many activities such as driving, walking, exercising, eating, socializing, etc; so why not also be mindful while going to the bathroom? Yes, mindful toileting!

Being fully present and aware of our bodies, minds and emotions can help release the pelvic floor muscles (PFM’s) when we perform our toilet duties, resulting in successfully completing our task. We often times are in a hurry and rushing with the attitude of ‘hurry up and just get it over with, I have something important waiting’ or our minds are elsewhere as we are texting or reading, which can be distracting from our present intention of the moment: to empty and eliminate!

This could lead to not fully relaxing and releasing the PFM’s, or not fully emptying the bowel or bladder, which may potentially lead to or exacerbate a variety of pelvic health issues like urinary urgency, frequency, incontinence, constipation or pelvic pain dysfunctions.

I have a short ‘Toilet Meditation’ that I like to share with my clients/students that involves 6 stages, using the acronym “AIRBAG” to help you remember. Read more

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