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PYT is a type of rehabilitation therapy that combines both evidence-based Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy resulting in a more holistic approach
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A typical one hour PYT treatment session may include skilled physiotherapy manual techniques combined with active and facilitated therapeutic movement.
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Shelly is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist and a Certified Pilates Instructor. She received her Physical Therapy degree at the University of Saskatchewan
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Pelvic Floor Galore! Resources for Creating Pelvic Floor Health Through Yoga

pelvic.awarenessWell, I am finally dedicating an entire post to all these pelvic floor health Physio Yoga resources I’ve been creating and accumulating over the years: writing, filming, interviewing, sharing!

I will keep this post updated and current, and add any resources I find valuable to share. This information is targeted towards people like you who are interested in learning more about and optimizing pelvic floor health through yoga: the general public, the yoga teacher, yoga therapist, health care professional, or anyone simply looking for more quality information and resources on creating pelvic floor health through Physio + Yoga.

The first resource is a great place to start: an article I wrote in the Winter 2016 Issue of the International Association of Yoga Therapists “Yoga Therapy Today” publication. It’s a concise summary of roles of the pelvic floor, factors influencing pelvic floor function, and how yoga fits in: Read more

Medical Therapeutic Yoga Alumni Retreat in Costa Rica: Transforming Healthcare Through Self Care

BoomerangCostaRica.2Deciding whether or not to attend the first annual Medical Therapeutic Yoga Alumni Retreat in Costa Rica wasn’t an immediate easy decision. I have bills to pay. I’ve spent enough time away from home traveling with work all year. I have important work projects that require my immediate attention. I had a list of other reasons I ‘should not’ be going. But in the end, I decided to go. I am so grateful I did, as it was a transformative experience on so many levels.
This was a special retreat for us healthcare professionals that have graduated from the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute. The intention was to give ourselves a gentle and refreshing reminder and experience of the one thing we teach and preach to our own patients on a daily basis: the importance of practicing self-care — and actually practice it ourselves. A chance to reboot. A chance to spend time in solitude to self-reflect and self-inquire and a chance to connect and share some of our ideas with each other and teach in a very informal, low pressure, and ‘no expectation’ environment. The beauty of Costa Rica was incredible. I actually don’t really want to write about it; because I know my writing will not capture the beauty and simply will not do the country of Costa Rica and the Boca Sombrero paradise justice. But I promised myself and some others that I would. So, I’ll try.
Here are my ‘nature appreciation’ highlights: Read more

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