Many of you are familiar with the guided Toilet Meditation practice I created a few years ago to help people create healthy bowel and bladder habits with mindful toileting. It has become widely shared around the world, and I have had requests to translate it into various languages.

So….a few months ago I started the process!

I am in the midst of a wonderful and ongoing collaborative project with many pelvic health professionals, yoga professionals, and other health professionals around the world who have so kindly agreed to translate these 6 Stages of Mindful Toileting into one of their languages so we can make it more accessible for more people to enjoy and benefit from!

So far we have the Toilet Meditation translated into Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, German, Polish, Czech, French, Dutch, Swedish and Swahili…….and many more translations are in the works!

I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to the following talented women and men who have collaborated thus far. They are all dedicated to doing such good work in the world, which is part of my intention in highlighting and featuring their work:

Cecilia Dextre – Spanish

Małgorzata Starzec-Proserpio – Polish

Jitka Stiessová – Czech

Yang Tsu-Ning (Serena Yang) – Traditional Chinese and Mandarin

MEDCAREYOGA (Yoko and Teruki Nakano) – Japanese

Joy Jang – Korean

Dalia Yanai – Hebrew

Monika Pohl – German

Helene Couvrette – French

Sam Hughes – Brazilian Portuguese

Pauline Lucas – Dutch

Otieno Martin Ong’wen – Swahili

Staffan Elgelid – Swedish

Rebecca Alexander Carey – Italian

Foozieh Ostowari – Farsi


We are all volunteering our time in creating and offering these for you to use (for free!) and share freely with those you think would appreciate it.

Free access to the full playlist of all the guided Toilet Meditation video translations on YouTube is HERE and open access to the google doc file for all the written handouts HERE .

Happy and Healthy Toileting!