A few years ago, I created a blogpost compiling content and resources related to my work surrounding pelvic floor health and yoga HERE. The feedback I received from many of you, and continue to receive, was that you really appreciate these compilations because it makes it easier and more efficient to review and access the info as a ‘one stop shop’. So, I thought I’d take some time to do the same and compile the resources and content I’ve created and shared over the years surrounding the topic of compassion (includes self-compassion) and self-care.

Below you will find articles, podcast interviews, videos, webinars and courses that have an abundance of info on the nuances of self-care and compassion (includes self-compassion) along with practical application in everyday life and within the context of pain care. Within these resources are links to the work of those I’ve learned from and continue to learn from in these areas.

I will continue to add to this list as new content and info rolls in!




Practitioner Self Care During Challenging Times

Self-Compassion Practice for the Healthcare Practitioner

Self-Compassion Practice for the Person in Pain

Self-Care: The Dark Side

Redefining “Self Care”

Self-Compassion, Self-Care and Persisting Pain (PainChats)

Dr. Gabor Mate W.O.W. Chat with Shelly: Compassionate Inquiry

Yoga and Science in Pain Care (Accessible Yoga)

Compassion in Pain Care




Embodia Academy: Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals During Challenging Times

(includes self-compassion and self-appreciation guided practices)


Embodia Academy: Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Compassion in Pain Care


Pain BC: Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care


HealthFlix: Cultivating Compassion: A Path Forward in Difficult Times


The International Mental Health Festival:

Insight into Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care


The Bill Nelems Pain and Research Centre:

Self-Care and Self-Compassion for People in Pain

Self-Compassion and Redefining Self-Care in Pain Care




Karen Litzy’s Healthy Wealthy and Smart:

Compassionate Care in Healthcare


Joe Tatta’s Healing Pain Podcast:

Insight into Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care



Michele Lawrence’s This is Yoga Therapy:



Mado Hesselink’s Yoga Teacher Resource:

Yoga for People in Pain


Madelaine Golec’s Living a Better Life:

Yoga and Physiotherapy


The Genius PT Project:

Compassion in Pain Care

Compassion in Pain Care – Live Q & A


Kathryn Bruni Young’s Mindful Strength:

Pain Science and Compassion


Susi Hately’s From Pain to Possibility:

Compassion and Self-Care


Pamela Crane’s The Yoga Pro:

Compassion, Pelvic Health and Pain Care


Adrianne Vangool’s Awaken To Your Body’s Wisdom:

Science of Compassion, Self-Care and We-Care. Part 1


Michelle Lyons’ Muliebrity:

Self-Compassion and Pain


Pelvic Health Support Canada:

Benefits of Self-Compassion


Amy Wheeler’s Yoga Therapy Hour:

Self-Compassion and Yoga Therapy


Shelly Prosko’s W.O.W. Chat with Dr. Gabor Maté:

Compassionate Inquiry




Pre-recorded, keep content forever, includes guided self-compassion and self-appreciation practices:

Self-Compassion in Pain Care Series: Body-Mind-Movement Practices for People in Pain

Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals During Challenging Times

Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Compassion in Pain Care

Guided Meditations with Shelly