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Practitioner Self-Care During Challenging Times

We have heard the saying ‘put your own oxygen mask on first before helping another’ and we know that self-care is an important part of health and well-being for all, including for healthcare practitioners. During times of difficulty and uncertainty, self-care may be even more essential to help us navigate a sustainable path forward.

What does self-care look like for you? Do you have the skills and tools you need to cultivate it?

Self-care is a popular term these days and perhaps the meaning has been watered-down and misinterpreted. When self-care becomes another item on your list of things ‘to do’ or an added pressure or expectation in an unrelenting pursuit of better health, it can become the antithesis of self-care and we might be missing the whole point of it.

As a physiotherapist, yoga therapist and continuing education provider who teaches on the topic of integrating yoga principles and practices into healthcare and rehab, I offer tips and practices for healthcare providers on how to cultivate practitioner self-care, which I present as an ongoing dynamic process of skills that involves awareness, attention, self-reflection, self-compassion, insight, discernment, courage and action. Self-care and self-compassion are not selfish nor soft skills – they are life skills that help us have the inner resources available to care for and serve others in a sustainable way.

Compassion and self-compassion are shown to be associated with positive health effects such as reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, less ruminating thoughts, less fear of failure, and increased emotional resiliency, stress management and adaptive coping strategies during challenging times.

In this online webinar I offer through Embodia Academy, learn how we can cultivate self-care and compassion in our daily lives, amidst uncertainty and adversity, and help carve a healthy path forward that may be sustained beyond tumultuous times.

Join me for this 90min webinar:

Practitioner Self-Care During Challenging Times.

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