Pain is a complex phenomenon that can influence all aspects of one’s existence; and when it persists, it can interfere with life and keep people from doing what they value and love most.

People who live with persistent pelvic pain can benefit from whole-person centered and compassionate pain care that includes supported self-care practices.

Clinicians can benefit from learning and offering these practices, embedded in a whole-person (body-mind-emotion-spirit-relational-environment) approach.

Yoga Therapy is one approach that is practical, accessible, evidence-informed, compassionate and whole-person centered.

I teach this 2-part Live Online course Integrating Yoga into Pelvic Pain Care for Pelvic Health Solutions. It is especially well received by physiotherapists and yoga therapists who are keen to learn ways to integrate yoga principles and practices into pelvic pain care.  I offer this course annually.


This 6 min video describes what you can expect to learn.

Clinicians especially appreciate that this course format is spread out over 2 weeks (4 hours each session, for a total of 8 hours of live online learning together).

This allows clinicians to actually PRACTICE the techniques and concepts with their patients in the clinic during the week, and then follow-up with me and the group with their experiences and questions the following week.

This proves to be a powerful and very useful way to integrate what clinicians learn with their patients in the clinical practice setting.

For details and to sign up for any of the upcoming course dates CLICK HERE 


Oh, and more good news

If you can’t make those dates (but I hope you can, because the questions and live interaction are so valuable), we’ll have the RECORDINGS available for you to access for 2 weeks after –

or even to replay for yourself simply to participate in the yoga practices again, for some well-deserved self-care and self-compassion!

Hope to see and meet you, either to start or keep the momentum of learning about this path of integrating yoga into rehab to help those suffering with pelvic pain.

For the 6 minute video that outlines what you can expect from the course CLICK HERE


To find when the highly sought after Integrating Yoga into Pelvic Pain Care course is offered this year, and to register, see Calendar of Upcoming Events HERE
Image credit: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash