Well this is exciting!

I’m part of a research team at the University of Saskatchewan, led by Cathy Arnold, PT, PhD.

Here is a video we created about our recent yoga study on The Effect of Yoga on Decreasing the Risk of Fall-related Injury in Peri- and Post-menopausal Women. (p.s. it’s more than just about balance!)

Our video demonstrates the key principles and practices of the Balance Flow Yoga class we developed and highlights the main themes that emerged from the focus groups – which proved to be quite intriguing. Our manuscript for the qualitative part of the study was published in IJYT and can be found HERE

We hope our video will provide insight and guidance on ways to safely and effectively integrate evidence into yoga practice.




Enjoy the free informational video and please feel free to share it in order to help us distribute this research out into the real-world.




And to further translate this research into practice for more people, I have created this 7-session ONLINE Balance Flow Yoga class series that serves as a training for yoga, fitness and health professionals to then share with their communities.

This online class series also provides an opportunity for the general population to practice enhancing their skills for better balance and reducing the risk of falls and fall-related injuries!


Participate in the Balance Flow Yoga class series on your own time and go at your own pace.

You can download the classes and receive unlimited lifetime access.

To watch the 6 minute trailer that describes what you can expect from the online 7-session Balance Flow Yoga Class Series and to access it, CLICK HERE.

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