Rob.HSSThe International Association of Yoga Therapists recently published one of my articles in the Summer 2014 issue of Yoga Therapy Today, “The Truth About Back Pain: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Treatment” The article discusses some of the common myths and truths surrounding back pain; including what science is saying about the causes and the effectiveness of some of the different treatment approaches that are being offered.

The 31 citations are a testament to the evidence based approach of this article; as well as offering my own anecdotal experience of treating people with back pain for over 16 years as a Physical Therapist and Professional Yoga Therapist.

You can find the article at the link below:


**This article is not meant to act as medical advice, nor to replace your current treatment. Please seek clearance and guidance from your licensed healthcare professional prior to participating in any of the tips, advice, practices or movements mentioned in this article.