These W.O.W. Chats are candid, clear, and concise Words of Wisdom gathered from people I respect and admire: professionals and friends I have connected with throughout my travels across the globe. This compilation is Part 5 of 7 of the 2018 interview collection of brilliant and binge-worthy tidbits of insight, information, life lessons, and more.


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The Mark of a Good Teacher

Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.”

~ Henry Brooks Adams

Reconciling Pain Science with . . . Fishing?

 “If you’re gonna fish, don’t just use a pole, use a big, broad net.” ~ Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman, a highly respected physiotherapist, chiropractor, internationally renowned educator, clinician, speaker, and researcher, has been reconciling pain science with biomechanics for decades. He says, “We want to salvage biomechanics and make it better.” Hear how he proposes we do that in this W.O.W. Chat!

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Relevant and Persuasive

Time: 6:15

 Greg  Lehman with Shelly Prosko


Thinking Outside the Pain Box

“Without the skills of teaching, we cast our patients as passive recipients of information.”

~ Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart is an international pain educator, speaker, and clinician dedicated to helping patients express their pain in creative ways. Patients often don’t feel heard or listened to, and what we do with that knowledge matters. Mike proposes some valuable and creative solutions.

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Heartfelt and Visionary

 Mike Stewart with Shelly Prosko



Does the Truth Hurt? Maybe Sometimes, but it Doesn’t Have To

“There is a way to tell the truth with kindness.” ~ Amy Wheeler

Amy Wheeler, professor, yoga therapist, and president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, talks about an age-old (yet still unresolved) tightrope that women must walk when it comes to asserting their confidence without coming off as aggressive. Interestingly, Amy shares that accepting that ‘screw-ups’ will occur is the first step on the path to success in non-violent communication.

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Refreshing and Encouraging

Time: 5:14

 Amy Wheeler with Shelly Prosko



The Best Teachers are Eternal Students

“It’s about being available, being present, and being compassionate.” ~ Antony Lo

Antony Lo is a brilliant physiotherapist and educator. In this short conversation, he shares tips on how to manage the tricky footwork of being a confident teacher while remaining a humble student. Learn how Antony responded to being unable to help every patient who crossed his path and how that actually made him a better physical therapist and, in his opinion, a better person.

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Vulnerable and Sincere

Time: 15:33 minutes

Antony Lo with Shelly Prosko



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