These W.O.W. Chats are candid, clear and concise Words Of Wisdom gathered from people I respect and admire; professionals and friends that I have connected with throughout my travels across the globe in 2017. This compilation is Part 3 of 4 of the 2017 interview collection of brilliant and binge-worthy tidbits of insight, information, life lessons, and more.

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The Grief Experience: Why It Isn’t Only About Death

Antonio Sausys, author of Yoga for Grief Relief, explores aspects of grief and loss and how we can normalize grief and accompany others who are going through the process. He encourages “fierce awareness” of our attachments, so that we might familiarize ourselves with the meaning of our own inevitable grief. Find out what Antonio means when he says, “No healing is necessary.”



Antonio Sausys W.O.W. Chat HERE

Time: 10:40

more about Antonio’s work:



Compassionate Inquiry: What it Means and How It’s Done (at home and in the office!)

Dr. Gabor Mate, renowned best-selling author, highly sought after international speaker, and physician explores how to take a compassionate approach to working with patients. He generously shares how this perspective spills out into our interactions at home and with others in our lives, ultimately leading to the reduction of suffering in the world at large.


more about Gabor’s work:

Gabor Mate W.O.W. Chat HERE

Time: 7:58


When Things Start Falling Apart: Adapting to Physical Change and Limitations with Grace

Get up close and personal with Diane Lee, Canadian physiotherapist and experienced teacher and international presenter, when she opens up about her personal story of struggle and the instrumental role that yoga (including meditation) has played in her healing journey. How to redefine who we are, our purpose and our essence, among challenging new circumstances.


more about Diane’s work:

Diane Lee W.O.W. Chat HERE

Time: 10:30




What Makes You Lovable and How to Find Your Shine

Helene Couvrette, co-founder of the Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga and the owner of Hom Yoga Center, shares what it means to ‘shine with humility’ and why this alone can help brighten the light of others. How do we own our unique talents and brilliance without over-shadowing someone else—and is that even our responsibility?


more about Helene’s work:

Helene Couvrette W.O.W. Chat HERE

Time: 7:23



Coming Home to Authenticity: Wisdom in Action (our daily life)

Leigh Blashki is a yoga therapist and the founder of the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy. He explores the importance of coming together to create space for wisdom to evolve and develop.  Consider what the term ‘wisdom’ means and whether it is something that can even be imparted. Enjoy a short and simple awareness practice to help cultivate authenticity. Astute and practical.


more about Leigh’s work here

Leigh Blashki W.O.W. Chat HERE

Time: 6:34


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