As the popularity of yoga rises, more practitioners and clinicians want to know about the proven physiological effects and application in healthcare. I’ve been integrating yoga into my clinical practice as a physiotherapist since 1998 and was honoured to have been invited to contribute a chapter to this newly published textbook, Handbook of Research on Evidence-Based Perspectives on the Psychophysiology of Yoga and Its Applications by IGI Global Publishing, edited by Shirley Telles and Ram Kumar Gupta of Patanjali Research Foundation, India.


This book provides an in-depth review of the neurobiological and psychophysiological effects of yoga from diverse, evidence-based perspectives. A wide range of topics are included such as chronic pain management, psychotherapy, trauma care, stress management, aging, heart disease, meditation, cardiorespiratory health, neurophilosophy, spirituality, breathing and pranayama, lymphedema, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and many more.


I co-authored the chapter Clinicians Applying Yoga Principles and Practices in Pain Care: An Evidence-Informed Approach with Matthew J Taylor, PhD.


Our chapter provides a practical introduction and guidelines for clinicians and researchers to appreciate the relationship between pain and yoga. We hope to fuel the imaginations of both clinicians and researchers with an appreciation of how yoga, pain, and pain care are related. A list of techniques for the clinic, their clinical rationale, and two case reports are included.


This book is intended for yoga practitioners, medical and health professionals, physical rehabilitation therapists and psychotherapists, counselors, spiritual teachers, academic educators, researchers, and students.


The book overall is an informative, relevant, educational, and practical offering for anyone interested in learning more about the wide applications of yoga from an evidence-based perspective.


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