2020 reminded me of many things, including the lesson that all is impermanent.

This wasn’t the first time my husband and I experienced the rug being pulled out from underneath where our life situation took a sudden unexpected sharp turn towards a direction of uncertainty into the unknown. We had to let go of our treasured expectations, plans and goals. We had to do the work of re-evaluating and drastically changing course.

In March 2020, when professional and personal plans began cancelling for the remainder of the year, those familiar feelings of loss, disappointment, fear and uncertainty resurfaced. Although it once again brought some challenges, we felt we had access to inner resources we didn’t have in the past. Not saying it was easy – but it felt a little more peaceful navigating the waves this time around.

Thanks to you all:  my family, friends, patients I work with and learn from, mentees, colleagues, collaborators, and for those of you that graciously receive and find value in my services, work and products.  Thanks for your love, support and for providing opportunities to continue to work. The process of changing direction does not happen in a vacuum. It takes many different kinds of support to shift.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize the individuals, organizations and platforms that I’ve collaborated with and who have provided me with job opportunities and/or opportunities to share my work and voice this year.

It’s also a chance for me to reflect on the year and to share links to resources you may have missed and would still like to check out!


After I presented a MEDTalk at the University of Saskatchewan in January (thanks to College of Medicine Alumni), recorded 3 in-person W.O.W. Chats at the San Diego Pain Summit in February (thanks to WOWzers Bronnie Thompson, Ben Cormack, Robin Kerr), and offered a workshop at Heartfelt Yoga in Blackfalds, Alberta during the first week of March (thanks to Sandra Thorne), the rest of the year transitioned 100% online.



I’m grateful for all organizations, platforms and those of you who have supported and accepted the online transition.



Thanks to these podcasters who invited me to speak on their podcast in 2020:


Mindful Strength with Kathryn Bruni-Young: Shelly Prosko: Pain Science and Compassion


In Your Pants with Dr. Susie G: Yoga and Pelvic Pain


Living a Better Life with Madelaine Golec: Yoga and Physiotherapy with Shelly


This is Yoga Therapy with Michele Lawrence: PhysioYoga with Shelly


From Pain to Possibility with Susi Hately: Compassion and Self-Care with Shelly Prosko


The Yoga Pro with Pamela Crane: Compassion, Pelvic Health and Pain Care with Shelly Prosko


Fit2B Radio with Beth Learn and Chris Behnke: Relaxation with Shelly Prosko


Amy Wheeler FB LIVE: Compassion in Healthcare with Shelly


Awaken to Your Body’s Wisdom with Adrianne Vangool: Science of compassion, self-care and we-care with Shelly Prosko



For a list of links to all my podcast episodes CLICK HERE









Thanks to all these event organizers for inviting me to share my voice on your platforms and present at your conferences – and for all the work you have done to transition online so people can continue to learn and benefit!


HealthFlix: Cultivating Compassion: A Path Forward During Difficult Times


International Mental Health Festival (OhMyMood Foundation): Insight into Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care


Accessible Yoga Conference: Accessing the Benefits of Yoga in Pain Management


The Embodiment Conference: Enhancing Pelvic Floor Health Through an Embodied Practice


Global Yoga Therapy Day: Yoga and Science in Pain Care


Strength Jedi Council Webinar Series: Yoga in Rehabilitation


Pain Society of Alberta Virtual Conference: Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care


Canadian Fall Prevention Virtual Conference: Balance Flow Yoga: A Community-Based Intervention for Peri- and Post- Menopausal Women









I’m so grateful to Maggie Bergeron and Embodia Academy, a superb and exceptional online learning platform, for all the incredible work you do and support you offer us continuing education providers.

In 2020, I have 3 new offerings that are all recorded and replays accessible at any time:

  • a new online course:

Self-Care for Health Practitioners During Difficult Times

  • our book club webinar series with Neil Pearson, Marlysa Sullivan and 8 of our co-authors:

Yoga and Science in Pain Care Book Club Webinar Series

  • a new resource package of practices that healthcare and yoga professionals can share with your patients and clients for FREE:

Resource Package: PhysioYoga and the Pelvic Floor



For all of my online courses and resources CLICK HERE






Thanks to all of you who own clinics and businesses or who are directors at universities and schools who hired me to teach at your training program:

Jules Mitchell Yoga, Ajna Yoga Therapy, Heartfelt Yoga Blackfalds, Elle Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health, School of Rehab Sciences University of Saskatchewan, Physical Therapy School at Nazareth College, Shannon Crow at Pelvic Health Professionals.



Thank you to all the editors for inviting me to co-author book chapters in your prestigious textbooks. And thanks to Matt Erb and Matthew Taylor for your wisdom and patience in co-authoring these with me:

Prosko S, Erb M (In Press). From the Start. In: Erb M, Schmid A. (Eds). Integrative Rehabilitation Practice. London, UK: Singing Dragon Publishers.


Prosko S, Taylor M J. (2020). Clinicians Applying Yoga Principles and Practices in Pain Care: An Evidence-Informed Approach. In: Telles S, Gupta R K (Eds). Handbook of Research on Evidence-Based Perspectives on the Psychophysiology of Yoga and Its Applications. Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global.






Thanks to my colleagues and dear friends, Matthew Taylor, Neil Pearson and Marlysa Sullivan for co-authoring this White Paper on Yoga Therapy in Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management. This was my first publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal, International Journal of Yoga Therapy.

Thanks to the International Association of Yoga Therapists for sanctioning this and to Matthew Taylor for the ongoing dedication you put into this work and for being the one that rolled this into motion and made it happen:

Pearson N, Prosko S, Sullivan M, Taylor MJ. (2020). White Paper: Yoga Therapy and Pain: How Yoga Therapy Serves in Comprehensive Pain Management, and How It Can Do More. International Journal of Yoga Therapy; Volume 30. DOI: 10.17761/2020-D-19-00074


For a full list of my published work and articles CLICK HERE



I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to the many talented women and men around the world who have contributed to this ongoing collaborative project I started this year. You have all so kindly agreed to and took the time to translate the 6 Stages of Mindful Toileting into one of your languages so we can make it more accessible for more people to enjoy and benefit from.


For a list of all of the translations and translators CLICK HERE.

Free access to the full playlist of all the guided Toilet Meditation video translations on YouTube is HERE and open access to the google doc file for all the written handouts HERE .




Thank you to Swami Lisa Pearson and Neil Pearson for your work in creating and launching Pain Care Aware this year. I am thrilled and excited to be one of the lead trainers at PCA and to be a part of this new training certification to help yoga teachers gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide a pain-informed approach to teaching yoga. For more information about this unique program visit www.paincareaware.com






DISCOVERY OF #365daysofcompassion

In 2020, I discovered the hashtag #365daysofcompassion thanks to my friend and colleague Ann Parkinson, a neuro PT in the UK who shared it with me. Thanks to Chris Winson and the entire #365daysofcompassion global community. You are all doing such phenomenal and important work that I think the world needs now more than ever.

Here is a short video I recorded on my YouTube channel to share what the # has meant to me…..and I recommend following!  Have a listen CLICK HERE



Thanks 2020 – for reminding me to reflect on what matters most in life and emphasizing the value of gratitude.


Wishing you and your loved ones find ways to feel connected and loved today and beyond.