As a physiotherapist and yoga therapist, I’ve worked with many people over the years who have experienced the vast and impactful benefits that mindful meditative practices can provide.

Research shows that mindfulness meditative practices can help with things like pain, stress management, emotional and mental health and resilience, ability to focus and concentrate, and even improve compassion towards yourself and others.

I decided to record these guided meditations for more people to access and enjoy the benefits they can offer. My intention in sharing these practices is to help people cultivate more awareness, presence, connection, regulation and self-compassion.

This series includes 6 guided audio practices:

1)  Self-Compassion Body Scan:

Easy-to-follow guided body scan meditation with the theme of self-compassion. Inspired by the research of Kristin Neff, PhD, interoceptive awareness research, Yoga principles and practices, and the patients I work with.

2)  Meditation for Self-Compassion and Courage:

Easy-to-follow guided self-compassion meditation cultivating awareness and courage.
Inspired by the research of Kristin Neff, PhD, Yoga principles and practices, Pain Care U, and the patients I work with.

3)  Breath Awareness practice:

Easy-to-follow guided breath awareness practice.
Inspired by Yoga principles and practices, interoceptive awareness research, Pain Care U, and the patients I work with.

4)  Breath Control practice:

Easy-to-follow guided breath control practice.
Inspired by the research around the association between pain, the autonomic nervous system and respiration, Yoga principles and practices, and the patients I work with.

5)  Mindful Toileting practice:

Easy-to-follow guided mindful practice during toileting. I created these 6 stages of the “Toilet Meditation” inspired by working with people with pelvic floor issues to help with bowel and bladder health.

6)  Pelvic Floor Awareness meditation:

Easy-to-follow guided mindful awareness practice to help enhance awareness of and connection to your pelvic floor. This is inspired by the research surrounding awareness practices, pelvic floor health and yoga principles and practices to help enhance overall pelvic floor health and wellness.



You can choose one or more of these or download all 6 onto your device to keep forever and access at any time.

These mindful practices are created to be suitable and safe to follow. However, they’re not meant to act as medical advice or as treatment for any conditions.

**Please seek guidance, advice and treatment from your licensed healthcare professional for any unmanaged conditions or symptoms you may be experiencing before starting or continuing these practices.

I’m really glad that I now have the opportunity to share these with more people, like you!

I hope you enjoy and find great value in these guided meditations.

To learn more and access the practices on Vimeo CLICK HERE

Image credit: Unsplash Corina Ardeleanu