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Enhancing Pelvic Floor Health Through an Embodied Practice

Shelly Prosko, PT, C-IAYT

Your pelvic floor plays an important role in your bladder, bowel, reproduction and sexual health, and also contributes to and is involved in hip health, breathing, core strategies, balance ability, vocalization and more.

Join Shelly Prosko, physiotherapist and yoga therapist, for this inspiring and educational pelvic floor health presentation and practice session to help enhance awareness of and connection to your pelvic floor. A brief introductory review of pelvic floor anatomy will be included along with an outline of the biopsychosocial factors that influence pelvic floor function.

Guided embodied practices will be provided to help enhance pelvic floor awareness, relaxation and engagement and optimize the pelvic floor’s natural movement in timing with breath rhythm and mindful movement practices. The practices stem from Pelvic Floor Health PhysioYoga and will integrate yoga principles to support overall pelvic health and wellness.

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About Shelly:

Shelly is a physiotherapist, yoga therapist, educator, author and pioneer of PhysioYoga with over 20 years of experience integrating yoga into physiotherapy within a variety of specialty areas including pelvic health, chronic pain, embodied compassion and professional burnout. She guest lectures at numerous yoga therapy and physiotherapy schools, contributes to yoga research, provides mentorship to health and wellness providers, and offers onsite and online courses and resources for yoga and healthcare professionals and the general population. She considers herself a lifelong student and emphasizes the immense value gained from clinical experience and learning from the patients she serves, the professionals she teaches, and the colleagues with which she collaborates. Shelly has authored book chapters in yoga therapy and integrative rehabilitation textbooks and is the co-editor/author of the textbook Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain. She maintains a clinical practice in Sylvan Lake, Canada. Please visit www.physioyoga.ca to learn more.