About Shelly B.Sc. PT, PYT, CPI


Shelly Prosko, Physical Therapist, Professional Yoga Therapist and Pilates instructor, is a highly respected pioneer in the area of Physio Yoga Therapy, a combination of Physical Therapy and medical therapeutic yoga. She received her Physical Therapy degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1998, her medical therapeutic yoga training through Professional Yoga Therapy Institute in North Carolina and her Pilates certification through Professional Health and Fitness Institute in Maryland.  

Since 1998, Shelly has been integrating yoga principles and methods into her physical therapy treatments. She has worked with people who have suffered from a wide variety of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory, pelvic health, and persistent pain conditions while working in physical therapy clinics and long term care facilities across Canada and the United States. 

Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to create health by authentically sharing her knowledge, expertise and experience as she travels globally offering specialty PhysioYoga Therapy courses, presenting at medical conferences and yoga therapy symposiums, lecturing at medical college programs,  teaching at numerous yoga therapy schools (including teaching medical therapeutic yoga to health care professionals at the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute), teaching Life is Now Pain Care Yoga courses, instructing at Blissology Yoga Teacher Trainings, offering individual assessments and treatments, and actively promoting the integration of yoga into our current healthcare system.

Her courses have been well received by health care professionals, medical yoga therapists, yoga teachers/therapists and yoga students of all levels.

Shelly has a unique ability of sharing her passion of blending the art and science of yoga with physical therapy in an engaging and valuable way. Participants express feeling inspired with a sense of joy, gratitude, love and authenticity.

In addition to her many skills as a healthcare practitioner, Shelly is also an accomplished figure skater and has traveled the world with many professional ice shows. She is also passionate about music, dance, acting and spending quality time connecting with her family and friends.

“Thank you for getting us all interested and motivated! I really loved how you handled our group with humor and sensitivity. Also, the way that you are empowered by yoga and are so passionate about it was infectious. What you said about all the different ways that yoga benefits the body was very poignant for me. Thanks again so much. I had a great session with you and loved your inspiring, free flowing ways. You were so authentic and pure of heart.”


Pasadena, CA