PhysioYoga and The Pelvic Floor Audio and Video Practices for Your PatientsI’m delighted to share this new resource online library for clinicians to share with your patients:
The PhysioYoga and the Pelvic Floor Resource Package includes a total of 6 hours of a variety of guided video and audio practices for clinicians to choose from and share with your patients, without any cost to your patients.
The practices include key components of integrating yoga into pelvic health and rehabilitation care in order to augment a whole-person centered approach. The length of time of each practice segment varies, ranging from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.
The practices provided in this Resource Package include:
  • Pelvic Floor Relaxation and Awareness practices in various yoga postures and mindful movement.


  • Facilitation of Pelvic Floor Engagement and Excursion practices co-ordinated with Breath and Movement.


  • Standing Balance practices to enhance pelvic floor and core efficiency, using language and cueing to promote efficient breath and motor timing.


  • Mindful Meditation practices to enhance calming of the nervous systems, focus and concentration, compassion, self-awareness and psycho-emotional regulation.
These video and audio practices are from the practical component of my full course on Embodia, PhysioYoga and the Pelvic Floor.

To gain a deeper understanding of the theory and indications for using these practices in pelvic rehab and for optimizing patient outcomes, I recommend my full course on Embodia.

But if you just want the practical component of the course to pick and choose practices for your patients, then this resource package is perfect for you!


To access the Resource Package CLICK HERE