The end of the year is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to so many of you who have provided encouragement, support, love, and opportunities to continue to work.

It’s also a chance for me to reflect on the PhysioYoga year and to share links to resources you may have missed and would still like to check out.

Thanks to my family, friends, patients I work with and learn from, mentees, colleagues, collaborators, and for all of you who continue to use, value and share my services, content and products.

I do not take this work for granted, and I am grateful for every moment I get to share something, and for every opportunity for employment!

I’d like to take a moment to specifically acknowledge the individuals, organizations and platforms I’ve collaborated with and who have provided me with job opportunities and/or opportunities to share my work and voice in 2021.



Thanks to these podcasters and organizations who invited me to be one of their guest speakers in 2021:


Adrianne Vangool’s Awaken to Your Body’s Wisdom:

Yoga and Science in Pain Care


Shannon Crow’s The Connected Yoga Teacher: Questions to Ask Someone in Pain


Marnie Glavin’s Pelvic Health Support Canada:

The Benefits of Self Compassion






For a list of links to all past podcast episodes CLICK HERE


Julie McCoppen’s MOGA Yoga: Guest speaker for members


Shannon Crow’s Pelvic Health Professionals: Guest speaker for monthly Q & A


Madeleine Eames at Bill Nelems Pain & Research Centre:

Self Care and Self Compassion in Chronic Pain


For a list of links to all webinars CLICK HERE



Thanks to all these event organizers for inviting me to share my work and messages on your platforms and present at your conferences:


Sharna Prasad at Oregon Pain Summit – Insight into Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care

National Pre-Health Conference – Integrative Rehab: Innovative and Collaborative Approaches in PT and OT (with Betsy Shandalov)


SD menopause

Singing Dragon Publisher’s Anniversary Event – Menopause and Women’s Health





AYA 2021 pain care and yogaAccessible Yoga Association’s Community Forum – Pain Care & Yoga






Thanks to all of you who own clinics and businesses or who are directors at universities and schools who hired me to teach at your training program.

I teach in programs of which I value, recommend, and highly respect the quality, content and ethics:


Cassi Kit and Anne Pitman’s School of Embodied Yoga Therapy

Jules Mitchell Yoga

Jules Payne and Michelle Schroeder’s Ajna Yoga Therapy

Staffan Elgelid at Physical Therapy School at Nazareth College

Nelly Faghani’s Pelvic Health Solutions

Larry Payne’s Yoga After 50/Prime of Life Yoga®

Meredith Oppenheim’s Vitality Society


And an extra special thank you to the phenomenal and brilliant Maggie Bergeron at Embodia Academy, an exceptional online learning platform, for all the great work you continue to do and ongoing support you offer us continuing education providers.

webinarIn 2021, Marlysa Sullivan, Neil Pearson and I completed our 15-part Book Club Webinar Series on our book Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain.

Thanks to Maggie and Embodia for hosting and supporting, and thanks to all of our chapter authors for contributing their webinar:


Joletta Belton, Steffany Moonaz, Matthew Taylor, Matt Erb, Lori Rubenstein Fazzio, Michael Lee, Tracey Sondik and Antonio Sausys.

We are grateful to the community that was created and for each participant who joined us live. You gave us the opportunity to engage with and learn from you as well.

It was a lot of fun to meet every month for 15 months!

**In case you missed it, you can always purchase the replays of our online Book Club webinars (with lifetime access):

Yoga and Science in Pain Care: The Book Club Webinar Series:

Full Series Replays HERE


Purchase a single webinar of your choice HERE

For all of my online courses and resources CLICK HERE




Thank you to the editors Allie Middleton, Matt Erb, Arlene Schmid, Shirley Telles and Ram Kumar Gupta for inviting me to contribute book chapters to your incredible books this year:


Prosko S, Erb M (2021). From the Start. In: Erb M, Schmid A A (Eds). Integrative Rehabilitation Practice: The Foundations of Whole-Person Care for Health Professionals. London, UK: Singing Dragon Publishers; pp. 147-163.








Prosko S (2021). Shelly Prosko In: Middleton A (Ed). Yoga Radicals: A Curated Set of Inspiring Stories from Pioneers in the Field. London, UK: Singing Dragon Publishers; pp. 87-93.


Prosko S, Taylor M J. (2021). Clinicians Applying Yoga Principles and Practices in Pain Care: An Evidence-Informed Approach. In: Telles S, Gupta R K (Eds). Handbook of Research on Evidence-Based Perspectives on the Psychophysiology of Yoga and Its Applications. Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global; pp. 221-241.


For a full list of my published work and articles CLICK HERE



Thank you to Swami Lisa Pearson and Neil Pearson for your work in creating and launching Pain Care Aware™. I am delighted to be one of the lead trainers at PCA and to be a part of this new training certification to help yoga and other movement teachers gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide a pain-informed approach to teaching yoga and movement. We at PCA are dedicated to changing pain in society through the blend of yoga and science.

Join me live online Jan 30, 2022 to learn more about the program and teaching a pain-informed approach, and live online March 4-6, 2022 for Level 2 PCA to receive your PCA certification.







A big highlight for me this year was continuing to collaborate on a yoga research study with a team of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan with Principal Investigator, Dr. Cathy Arnold. I co-designed the yoga intervention with Dr. Brenna Bath.

We created this 16 minute video that discusses our study, The Effect of Yoga on Decreasing the Risk of Fall-related Injury in Peri- and Post-menopausal Women.

The video includes the preliminary results, the themes that emerged, and a practice demonstration outlining the Balance Flow Yoga class.

We hope our video will provide insight and guidance on ways to safely and effectively integrate evidence into yoga practice.

Please share the research video and watch for future messages of training workshops and information sessions for leaders in healthcare, fitness, yoga and yoga therapy communities.



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Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in this work!


Wishing each of you whatever it is you wish for in 2022.