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With the high prevalence of chronic pain globally and a growing number of people seeking yoga for health and wellness, there is a good chance that people who live with pain will be participating in your yoga class.

This online workshop provides essential information and an introduction to guidelines for yoga teachers to help your classes be more accessible, safe, and enjoyable for people in pain.

Shelly Prosko, physical therapist, yoga therapist, educator, Pain Care Aware Trainer, pioneer of PhysioYoga, and co-editor of Yoga and Science in Pain Care, offers this informative lecture and experiential practices to help yoga professionals increase their understanding of pain and learn ways to safely teach yoga classes to people in pain that is line with current perspectives and evidence in pain care.

Register for this 5 hour Live-Online workshop through People’s Yoga HERE

Join Shelly as she addresses:

  • The purpose of pain with an introduction to pain biology.

  • Why and how current views in pain science are important and relevant to yoga professionals.

  • Some of the physiological changes that take place when pain persists.

  • Ways to integrate yoga principles, practices, and current science into teaching.

  • How can yoga professionals responsibly guide people to move when pain is present?

  • What is the best type of movement for people with chronic pain?

The practical component includes participation in a combination of awareness, breathing, mindfulness, and movement practices guided by Pain Care Aware principles integrating science, yoga, and the lived experience of pain.

To register for this live-online 5 hour workshop, visit People’s Yoga HERE


Shelly Prosko, PT, C-IAYT, PCAYT has over 23 years of experience integrating yoga into physiotherapy within a variety of specialty areas including helping people with chronic or persistent pain, pelvic health issues, and professional burnout. Learn more about her and her practice by visiting www.physioyoga.ca.