There has recently been a surge in popularity of a type of rehabilitation service that some of us Physical Therapists are offering. The surge was a result of an article that was posted in “Yahoo! Shine” about how actress Kim Cattrall claimed “Fizzy Yoga” saved her life. She was referring to “PhysiYoga”, a term that her Physical Therapist uses to describe her brilliantly combined skills and services of Physical Therapy and Yoga.  Since I also offer the same type of therapy services, which I label as “PhysioYoga Therapy”, the reporter contacted me and included a quote from our interview. This has led to an influx of inquiries that has been nearly impossible for me to keep up with the replies, so I thought I would answer the most common questions here in this month’s blog!

For the full story and updated version of “What is PhysiYoga and PhysioYoga” please visit my new blog HERE!