Adrianne Vangool is a dear friend, colleague, physiotherapist, yoga therapist, and creator of Awaken to Your Body’s Wisdom—a fabulous podcast that hosts people interested and invested in exploring a life ‘lived on purpose.’


In 2020, I was a guest speaker on Adrianne’s podcast, talking about self-compassion, ‘self-care’ and ‘we-care’ (Listen Here). In 2021, Adrianne decided to offer a 5-part series focused on chronic pain. I was delighted to have been invited to return to start off this series that includes brilliant guests sharing their stories and dedicated to improving pain care.


Episode 1

In the first podcast of this chronic pain series, Adrianne and I talk about outdated and current views around pain and why it is important to evolve our understanding. I talk about our co-authored book, “Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain,” sharing the ways that yoga can be used to help people who have chronic pain.





Episode 2

Andrew Hartman follows up in episode 2 with their own personal experiences living with persistent pain and the importance of self-advocacy, setting boundaries and asking for support. Andrew also discusses their dedication to supporting those with pain with their Psystem platform.





Episode 3

In the third podcast of the series, Dr. Marlysa Sullivan, my buddy, physical therapist, yoga therapist and co-author/editor of our book, talks about Polyvagal Theory, flushing out the term and exploring the concept in an accessible way. She shares about the importance of finding meaning, connection and how to cultivate resilience and ‘reclaim’ the nervous system in pain care. This episode really speaks to the title of the podcast, Awaken to Your Body’s Wisdom.



Episode 4

Joletta Belton (another dear friend!) is a widely respected writer (contributed a chapter to our book!), speaker, and advocate for advancing the integration of the lived experience into the study, research, and treatment of pain. In this episode, Joletta delves into the importance of sharing our stories, shares part of her own story, and offers hope and possibility for people in pain.



Episode 5

Dr. Kate Johnson is a radiation oncologist and assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan. In this final episode, Kate shares her integrative approach to pain care, working with patients to find a plan that works best for them. As someone who’s also experienced chronic pain, she offers a valuable perspective from both sides.



Thank you, Adrianne, for gathering this roster of guests dedicated to raising awareness of chronic pain including addressing some of the misconceptions around pain and the stigmas associated with people in pain, with the intent to enhance pain care.