Creating Pelvic Floor Health with PhysioYoga

I hope you enjoy these beautiful videos created for you! Your pelvic floor is an important part of your bladder, bowel, reproduction, and sexual health. I wanted to offer something that allowed me to share what I have learned over the years as a physical therapist and professional yoga therapist helping men and women optimize their pelvic floor health and function.

These practices address the roles our pelvic floor plays in breathing, posture, hip function, core timing, and standing balance ability and are filmed in breathtaking nature settings with spectacular cinematography and soulful music uniquely created with special care and attention to the intentions of each practice.

Healthy pelvic floor muscles need to be capable of being engaged in functional and coordinated ways in timing with other muscle groups and, like other muscles, it is essential that the pelvic floor muscles also be flexible and capable of being released and relaxed, with the ability to move throughout the full excursion during the breath cycle. These videos address these concepts:

Part A: “Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxation”: 30 minute practice of releasing the pelvic floor muscles through pelvic floor awareness, visualization and breathing methods, during mindful movements and yoga postures.

Part B: “Pelvic Floor Muscle Engagement”: 40 minute practice that includes engagement of the pelvic floor muscles with various mindful movements and yoga postures integrated with the breath pattern.

I have also included a free bonus feature, the ‘Toilet Meditation’, where I guide you through the 6 stages of mindful toileting that I created to help improve awareness and pelvic floor muscle relaxation to help fully empty the bowel and bladder.

**These practices are not meant to act as treatment for your specific issue nor replace your current treatment. Please check with your health care professional before starting this program to see if there are any precautions or contraindications you need to adhere to and whether pelvic floor muscle relaxation, engagement , or a combination of both, is indicated for you.

These videos are intended to help create, enhance and sustain optimal pelvic floor health or serve as a complement to your current treatment, as indicated and supervised by your healthcare provider. Please know that pelvic floor health is also influenced by our thoughts, emotions, what we eat, how we respond to and manage stress, and how we relate and connect to ourselves, others and the world around us.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these practices, appreciate the nature settings and music, and hope they make a difference in your life, in a valuable way.



 Free Bonus Feature: Toilet Meditation (with purchase)

Title Duration Buy
Part A: Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxation – Creating Pelvic Floor Health 40:13  CA$19.91
Part B: Pelvic Floor Muscle Engagement – Creating Pelvic Floor Health 40:15  CA$19.91
All episodes  CA$31.99


Overcome Pain with Gentle Yoga DVD Levels 2 & 3

These are valuable resources for people in pain, health care practitioners that work with people in pain, or anyone looking for well rounded yoga practices with a variety of modifications for the movements, breathing, meditation, hand mudras & mantras. The series includes 7 different practices, each with a different theme; filmed in the breathtaking nature of Canada’s Saltspring Island, British Columbia. The videos are not meant to act as medical advice or to replace your current treatment. Please seek guidance and clearance from your medical professional prior to participation in these videos.

Follow the guidance of 2 physical therapists-yoga therapists, Neil Pearson Shelly Prosko, known for their innovation, knowledge and compassion.

DVD or online streaming available for purchase at

Enjoy this 4 minute sneak preview:


If you suffer from chronic pain, you have experienced how pain can change everything in your life. You want to experience life beyond the pain, and to move well again. Yet like many, you may be struggling to find a movement practice that is more about recovery than enduring more pain.
Open yourself to the possibility of less pain, and greater ease of movement. Follow the guidance of two physical therapist-yoga therapists, Neil Pearson and Shelly Prosko, known for their innovations, knowledge, and compassion.
Practice in a chair, or on your mat. Complete the 10 min. meditative introduction of each practice, or add the 30 minutes of gentle movement. Learn new breath and body awareness practices. Combine these with specific hand positions and affirmations, to deepen your experience. Expand on the guidelines you learned in Level 1, to discover how these practices are helping so many live life now – with less pain, greater hope and recovery.


Title Duration Rent Buy
OPGY Level 2: ‘Balance’ – Meditation, Movement, Savasana 43:13 CA$6.99  CA$8.99
OPGY Level 2: ‘Courage’ – Meditation, Movement, Savasana 41:43 CA$6.99  CA$8.99
OPGY Level 2: ‘Letting Go’ – Meditation, Movement, Savasana 39:57 CA$6.99  CA$8.99
OPGY Level 3: ‘Confidence’ – Meditation, Movement, Savasana 42:35 CA$6.99  CA$8.99
OPGY Level 3: ‘Persistence’ – Movement, Meditation, Savasana 54:18 CA$6.99  CA$8.99
OPGY Level 3: ‘Purpose’ – Meditation, Movement, Savasana 47:40 CA$6.99  CA$8.99
OPGY Level 3: ‘Patience’ – Meditation, Movement, Savasana 48:16 CA$6.99  CA$8.99
All episodes CA$39.99  CA$49.99