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Chapter 13: Pain, A Loss to be Grieved

Presenter: Antonio Sausys

Grief counselling may be the most neglected aspect of pain care within modern pain management programs. We lose so much when pain persists. Given the power of grief, and that anything able to drive the hypervigilance of the individual and the nervous systems can maintain pain, understanding grief and pain is vital.

In this webinar, Antonio will discuss loss, grief and pain, their relationships and similarities and how they affect one another. Specific ideas and practices of yoga to work with loss, grief and pain through this lens will be offered.

What you will learn can be effectively applied via virtual and in-person consults.

Given that pain has a strong subjective component, by learning new ways to connect with it, and practicing new ways of addressing it, an individual can become much more suited to manage it. Empowering individuals to take matters in their own hands increases self-efficacy and is effective in turning around the often confrontational and hostile inner dialogue with pain. Thus an individual can tap into the ‘call to reconnect’ meta message that pain entails. It is often recognized that while pain is unavoidable, suffering – resulting from the mental and emotional responses to pain – is. Reducing suffering is key to both pain management and grief work and, at the same time, one of the core goals of Yoga.”

In Yoga and Science in Pain Care  – Chapter 13, Sausys expresses that “pain disrupts the balanced state of health and, at the same time, signals the need to return to it. It can be associated to tissue damage, resulting in physical pain, or derived from the damage caused to the connective psychic matrix that ensures the integrity of the self, resulting in psychological pain. In any case, the balance of physical or psychological health we are attached to for normal functioning is ruptured or lost. Then pain, as a primary loss, elicits the appearance of several secondary losses such as loss of functionality, income, status, quality of life, self-image, body and psychological identity amongst others. Pain and grief are intimately related basic human experiences that enter into a particular feedback loop that perpetuates each other’s appearance. For that reason, it is important to understand how these two processes are related and the implications of their interconnection.”

In this Webinar, Antonio will:

  • Identify pain as a loss to be grieved
  • Explain the interconnectedness of both processes
  • Explore possible meta communications of pain
  • Expose how individual’s self-involvement through practice can enhance efficacy in pain management
  • Guide three techniques to: balance emotional reactivity to pain, cognitively reframe the experience of pain and deidentify oneself from painful experiences
  • Answer to emerging comments and questions


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Here is the description for the entire 15-part Book Club webinar series:

Are you looking for ways to better help people in pain? If you are, you’re not alone. It is estimated that over 1.5 billion people worldwide are affected by chronic pain. That’s 20.5% of the world population that is suffering and needs your help.

Join Neil Pearson, Shelly Prosko and Marlysa Sullivan, the co-editors of Yoga and Science in Pain Care, and 8 co-authors for the first-ever 15-part book club webinar series that will take place once per month over 15 months.

This book club webinar series is intended for:

  • Practitioners including yoga therapists and healthcare practitioners interested in integrating yoga with their persistent pain population to expand their approaches in clinical practice
  • Yoga teachers interested in understanding aspects of the science behind yoga and pain
  • Medical/healthcare professionals who want to better understand pain or want to integrate yoga and mind/body practices
  • Mind/body contemplative practitioners/researchers/clinicians who want to better understand the science around pain and how yoga as a mind/body practice works with people in pain
  • Yoga practitioners or integrative health consumers who want an in-depth read with practical knowledge in this field.
  • Yoga therapist programs and medical university/college programs that require online course study in pain care
  • Schools that have online mind/body programs as stand-alone modules or as part of medical programs and other mind-body institutions.
  • People suffering from pain, particularly those keen about learning some practices to help with pain self-care and who want to learn more about the value of integrating pain science and yoga

We also hope that this series will help bring together yoga therapists and health professionals. There is value in blending science and yoga therapy in pain care – for the person in pain, for the health professional, and for the yoga professional.

Learning Objectives for the Full Series:

  1. Describe the complexity of pain including the lived experience of pain and the science surrounding pain.
  2. Learn how yoga philosophy and practices can be used as an effective and evidence-informed intervention and provide a biopsychosocial-spiritual framework in pain care.
  3. Practice, experience and examine the application of yoga principles and practices in pain care that demonstrate addressing all aspects of the person in pain and the complex components of pain. Examples of case studies will be provided.

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