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I’m thrilled to announce I will be one of the presenters at the 2019 Woman on Fire: Redefining Working in Wellness with Women in Brighton, UK!

Jenny Burrell and Michelle Lyons have spear-headed this incredible conference dedicated to delivering quality continuing education in an inspiring, empowering and FUN way. Something that is well aligned with my own mission to do the same.

I will be presenting 2 sessions: A lecture-type presentation on Cultivating Compassion in Therapy and a practical session on Enhancing Pelvic Floor Health Through Yoga.

Cultivating Compassion in Therapy is more than just feeling compassion for our patients and clients. It involves gaining a more in-depth understanding and insight into the needs of our clients and ourselves and choosing responses that serve both the client and us within the context of the situation. It also includes helping our clients and ourselves cultivate self-compassion. Some compassion science researchers suggest this compassion can be trained. Join me for this 1 hour presentation about the science surrounding compassion, the debate around compassion fatigue, empathy vs compassion, benefits of providing compassionate care both for our clients and ourselves, and ways we can train compassion without burnout.

Join me for 1.5 hour practical session on Enhancing Pelvic Floor Health Through Yoga. Be prepared to participate and enjoy inspiring, empowering and educational gentle yoga practices implementing a variety of techniques that you can immediately use for yourself and with your clients, including pelvic floor (PF) awareness practices, visualization, mindfulness meditation, breathing practices and mindful movement to help promote PF relaxation, engagement and excursion. Explore and experience how PF health is not just about kegels or mula bandha! Examples of how yoga philosophy can inform language used to potentially enhance PF cueing and create safe therapeutic environments will be included.

In addition to learning, you get to enjoy the added benefit of some well deserved self-care as you participate in these practices, and experience what it feels like to nourish all aspects of your being, using a biopsychosocial model of health.


**This practical session is not intended to assess or treat or act as medical advice for your individual health concerns. Please ensure you feel safe to practice in a group class without individual assessment or attention. Please seek guidance and treatment from your health professional in your area for any unmanaged conditions.**


For more information and details about this conference and all the fabulous presenters and to register, please visit: