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I’m honoured to be presenting at the 2019 Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR) in Newport Beach, CA on:


Yoga Therapy and Pelvic Health: Featuring Incontinence, the Silent and Isolating Companion

Our pelvic floor (PF) plays key roles in bladder, bowel, reproduction, sexual function, breathing, hip function, balance and more. Unfortunately, PF issues are often poorly addressed or ignored. Incontinence is common in men and women of varying ages and in young athletes; yet many stay silent about this isolating issue. We have evidence to suggest yoga may help people with incontinence and other PF issues.

This evidence informed session includes a lecture component outlining biopsychosocial factors that influence PF function and an empowering experiential component including yoga practices and philosophy to enhance PF health that stays within yoga therapy scope of practice and with a focus on helping people living with incontinence.

**Note: this session is not intended as treatment for your individual health concerns. Please ensure you feel safe to practice in a group class without individual assessment or attention.**


Details and Registration HERE