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Good Morning Pelvic Floor! Explore + Awaken Your Pelvic Floor

Join Shelly in this inspiring, fun and evidence informed morning practice to help enhance awareness of, connection to, and performance of your pelvic floor through a variety of awareness and visualization practices that help relax the pelvic floor, optimize its full excursion with the breath cycle, and facilitate its engagement through an evidence informed lens; without holding or over recruiting pelvic musculature, which can create more unwanted tension and reduce efficiency of the entire system.

Our pelvic floor plays key roles in bladder, bowel, reproduction, sexual function, hip function, breathing, core strategies, standing balance and in psychosocial aspects of our existence. Start the day from your root to help you feel grounded for the entire day. Explore, experience and awaken the pelvic floor and find out for yourself!

**Note: this session is not meant to act as therapy for specific dysfunctions, issues or individual health concerns. Please ensure you feel safe to practice in a group environment without individual assessment or attention**

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