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An estimated 20-25% of North Americans and 1.5 billion people worldwide live with chronic pain and a growing number of health professionals are recommending yoga to their patients particularly since we now have research to support yoga is a potentially safe and effective approach for improving function, pain and quality of life for people with chronic pain.

Yoga therapists are well positioned to contribute to a comprehensive pain care plan. However, misunderstandings about pain by the therapist can result in suboptimal outcomes for the person in pain, where the therapist might use language that unintentionally limits the potential for recovery and resilience or might avoid yoga practices that ultimately would improve tissue health, reduce inflammation, support self-efficacy, help restore more ease of movement, and help regain activities that the person enjoys and values in life.

This module includes a combination of lecture and experiential components, including participation in awareness, breathing, meditation and movement practices. Resources will be shared that will be valuable for the therapist to use for themselves and to share with the people in pain they serve.

This module is being delivered live, online and is part of Ajna Yoga Therapy Center’s Advanced Yoga Therapy program. This module will also be open to those yoga professionals or health professionals who are not part of the Yoga Therapy program, but would like to take the module for their own learning and continuing education.

It is 19 hours total:  10 hours of live online instruction with Shelly with an additional 9 hours of pre-recorded videos for students to watch.

Schedule for the live, online sessions:

Fri Oct 2:  5-8pm PST

Sat Oct 3: 9-12:30pm PST

Sun Oct 4: 9-12:30pm PST




For more details on Ajna Yoga Therapy Center’s full schedule of modules for their Advanced Yoga Therapy program click HERE